Monday, October 13, 2014

WHEW! 'Round the Mountain for a free book!

Hey out there! So ran across the website today while doing research for my own homeschooling ventures.  As I have perused her web-site tonight, I noticed that she posted a review on a book similar to what I like to read.  It was a fictional Amish based book.  All the books are similar in the liking that it shows no matter your background or ethnicity or locale, everyone faces troubling times.  God still moves, He still arrives right on time to bring us to victory. However, I saw she posted that she received the book for free in response for a review.  I'M HOOKED! I love free and I love books and I love God and anyway I can learn more about HIM.  Anything I can do to read ENCOURAGING items.  Not trash or things to add filth or immoral thoughts or images to my head.  TV and magazines at check out stands do that enough.  And yes, I do watch TV. I'm not one of those OMG don't watch the news (although I mostly read about it on my phone rather than watch it anyway) or live in a box type person.  Although, I do censor what I watch and what my child watches.  We have to. It is better to have a GODLY song on my heart than a nasty word that would hurt someone or a bad thought or word to cause damage to someone else's character.  The tongue kills and we must be earnest to tame our tongue and actions.
WHEW!!! All that to tell about getting books for free! I love it!

Talk to you later-AJ-